A decentralized platform for dividends

  • Latest Update Our Latest wallet has been released, Old Vip Coin will be swaped with this release. Please visit our official discord page for future info about swap proccess.
  • Dividends

    We give the opportunities for everyone. Platform will pay dividends for holders from 1,000 VIP and above

    We are proud to announce dividends stage 1 is paid on 1st September 2019. Please wait our next announcements about dividends stage 2.

  • Price motivates VIP upwards

    The logic of our system is designed to motivate users to maintain the price of VIP

  • Fair rewards

    Give same profit to small and big holders

Initial Coin Distribution

Reward part 92% [ MN 70% | POS 20% | Dev/Dividends 10% ]
Coin alocate for Private Sale 6%
Team & Founder 2%
Max supply 1,000,000
Coin Symbol VIP
Premine 80,000 [ 60,000 - presale | 20,000 - dev ]
Block halving every 100,000 blocks 20%


Q1 2019 Website & WhitePaper
  • VIP Team is Officially Formed ✔
  • Desktop Wallet ✔
  • Block Explorer ✔
  • Website & WhitePaper ✔
  • Presale of the Coin is Set ✔
  • List to the Exchange ✔
Q2 2019 Platform Development
  • Shared Masternode ✔
  • Team Network is Strengthened by Insisting Good Cooperation with the Best Developer ✔
  • Massive Online advertisement is Launched ✔
  • Affiliate Platform Focusing on Dividend Allotment is Planned ✔
  • Coin is Registered in a More Reputable Exchange ✔
Q3 2019 Dividend Platform Launch
  • Beta Test of Affiliate Dividend Platform is Performed
  • Coin wallets are available in Various Form ✔
  • Dividend Platform is Launched to the Public
Q4 2019 Dividend Platform is Revamped
  • Dividend Platform is Revamped
  • Promotion, Advertisement, and Cooperation with Media Outlets is Maintained
  • Merchant is Set Up to Ensure Higher Reachability of VIPcoin



VIP Team

Mohd Redzuan - VIP Founder
Mohd RedzuanFounder

Owner of motorpart company.
Ten years experience in business management.
Four years experience in crypto trading and management.

Juan C - VIP COO

He has been helping people use information technology, in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems, for well over a two decades. His strengths are providing strategic guidance and improving infrastructure and efficiency of IT systems. Juan is a blockchain advocate who has been in this space since 2014 and works with projects such as PIVX and SEND.

Erwin - VIP Core Developer
ErwinCore Developer

Erwin have five years experience in forex trading, three years developing blockchain

Khabib S - VIP Platform Dev
Khabib SPlatform Developer

Web developer with over seven years experience. The current area of interest is the react/nodejs/blockchain

Bruno A - VIP Designer
Bruno ADesigner

Bruno is a designer with five years' seniority. He also has ten years experience in sales, of which two years is a trader and a holder

Mashria - VIP Community Manager
MashriaCommunity Manager

Mashria more than four years in the blockchain technology. Active trader. Works as public relations manager.

Adefola O - VIP Community Manager
Adefola OCommunity Manager

I am a tourism enthusiast who is passionate about culture, travel and tourism locally and internationally, with a Higher National Diploma in Leisure and Tourism Management. Been following blockchain and cryptocurrency for years.

Mohamed J - VIP Community Manager
Mohamed JCommunity Manager

Five years working with customer support, PR and 2 years in blockchain technology.

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