A decentralized platform for dividends

  • Latest Update Vip Coin now mineable, but also support PoS / MN. 300K Vip Coin left to mine, untill max cap supply reached 1,000,000 VIP Coin. Masternode Collateral also change from 4,000 to 10,000 Coin. Please fill the swap forms here
  • Dividends

    Our Dividends distributions will be sent with new token based on TRON Chain, We've released 100,000,000 VIPERS Token to distribute among VIP holders. Because we didnt hold any dev funds since our funds burned to this address : QUAz4A7mH7AuZfFkB88JGVabnZtNbw7sGm

    Our Token details and informations can be found here

  • Price motivates VIP upwards

    The logic of our system is designed to motivate users to maintain the price of VIP

  • Fair rewards

    Give same profit to small and big holders

Initial Coin Distribution

Reward part 92% [ MN 70% | POS 20% | Dev/Dividends 10% ]
Coin alocate for Private Sale 6%
Team & Founder 2%
Max supply 1,000,000
Coin Symbol VIP
Premine 80,000 [ 60,000 - presale | 20,000 - dev ]
Block halving every 100,000 blocks 20%


Q1 2019 Website & WhitePaper
  • VIP Team is Officially Formed ✔
  • Desktop Wallet ✔
  • Block Explorer ✔
  • Website & WhitePaper ✔
  • Presale of the Coin is Set ✔
  • List to the Exchange ✔
Q2 2019 Platform Development
  • Shared Masternode ✔
  • Team Network is Strengthened by Insisting Good Cooperation with the Best Developer ✔
  • Massive Online advertisement is Launched ✔
  • Affiliate Platform Focusing on Dividend Allotment is Planned ✔
  • Coin is Registered in a More Reputable Exchange ✔
Q3 2019 Dividend Platform Launch
  • Beta Test of Affiliate Dividend Platform is Performed
  • Coin wallets are available in Various Form ✔
  • Dividend Platform is Launched to the Public
Q4 2019 Dividend Platform is Revamped
  • Dividend Platform is Revamped
  • Promotion, Advertisement, and Cooperation with Media Outlets is Maintained
  • Merchant is Set Up to Ensure Higher Reachability of VIPcoin



VIP Team

Mohd Redzuan - VIP Founder
Mohd RedzuanFounder

Owner of motorpart company.
Ten years experience in business management.
Four years experience in crypto trading and management.

Juan C - VIP COO

He has been helping people use information technology, in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems, for well over a two decades. His strengths are providing strategic guidance and improving infrastructure and efficiency of IT systems. Juan is a blockchain advocate who has been in this space since 2014 and works with projects such as PIVX and SEND.

Erwin - VIP Core Developer
ErwinCore Developer

Erwin have five years experience in forex trading, three years developing blockchain

Khabib S - VIP Platform Dev
Khabib SPlatform Developer

Web developer with over seven years experience. The current area of interest is the react/nodejs/blockchain

Bruno A - VIP Designer
Bruno ADesigner

Bruno is a designer with five years' seniority. He also has ten years experience in sales, of which two years is a trader and a holder

Mashria - VIP Community Manager
MashriaCommunity Manager

Mashria more than four years in the blockchain technology. Active trader. Works as public relations manager.

Adefola O - VIP Community Manager
Adefola OCommunity Manager

I am a tourism enthusiast who is passionate about culture, travel and tourism locally and internationally, with a Higher National Diploma in Leisure and Tourism Management. Been following blockchain and cryptocurrency for years.

Mohamed J - VIP Community Manager
Mohamed JCommunity Manager

Five years working with customer support, PR and 2 years in blockchain technology.

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